Charlotte Holbrook Call

1833 - 1866

    Charlotte Holbrook was born November 26, 1833 at Weathersfield, Wyoming County, New York.  Her parents, Joseph and Nancy Lampson Holbrook, were baptized into the Mormon Church the same year she was born.  The family moved with the Saints first to Kirtland, then to Missouri and then to
Nauvoo, Illinois.

    When Charlotte was eight years old, her mother died in Nauvoo, leaving four motherless children. Her father married Hannah Flint, who was a teacher, and they raised Charlotte and two of her siblings to maturity.

    The Holbrook family traveled west with the Saints in the Brigham Young Wagon Company and arrived at the Salt Lake Valley on September 21, 1848, and soon settled in Bountiful.

    Charlotte went to school with Anson Vasco Call. The two were married on January 28, 1853, by Charlotte's father. Anson and Charlotte moved to Willard, Box Elder County, where their first two children were born, then returned to live in Bountiful near their parents.

    Charlotte and Anson were the parents of:

Charlotte Vienna, born November 7, 1853
Anson Vasco, Jr., born May 23, 1855
Joseph Holbrook, born February 23 1857
Mary Vashtia, born January 29, 1859
Ira, born March 23, 1861
Hannah, born January 26, 1863
Lamoni, born January 25, 1865

    While Anson Vasco was married to Charlotte, he was called on two missions. The first mission was to the Sandwich Islands in 1857. Then later he was called to England for a three-year mission. Charlotte worked hard in the necessary tasks of spinning, weaving, knitting and sewing clothing for her family of seven children. She did beautiful needlework.

    Charlotte's last child was born eight months after her husband left on his second mission. She never recovered her strength and passed away on September 7, 1866.  Charlotte's husband died less than a year later on the Laramie Plains, Wyoming, and their little children were scattered among the various relatives to be cared for.

History taken from Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Volume I, an International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers publication. 1998.

Obituary from 19 July 1866 Issue of Deseret News Weekly Newspaper.

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