Diana Eliza Holbrook Drake

1833 - 1906


We'd love to have more information about Diana.  All we have is listed below -- and it's very bare-bones!  Please forward any additional information to Annette Nelson.

    A daughter of Chandler and Eunice Dunning Holbrook, Diana Eliza was born 27 Oct 1833 in Weathersfield, Gennessee, New York

Horace Drake, husband of Diana Elizabeth.

    She married Horace Drake 3 Oct 1850 in the Endowment House at Salt Lake City, Utah

    Utah census records show them living at the following locations:
        1850:  Salt Lake County
        1856:  2nd Ward, Great Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County
        1859:  Salt Lake City 2nd Ward, Salt Lake County
        1860:  2nd Ward, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County
        1870:  12th Ward, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County
        1880:  12th Ward, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County

    Diana Holbrook and her cousins Sarah Lucretia Holbrook and Charlotte Holbrook were some of the few children at Zion's Camp in 1834.  When Diana died 11 January 1906 at Centerville, Utah, she was the last woman survivor who had been a member of Zion's camp.


Photo of Horace Drake taken from Utah Pioneers and Prominent Men


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