Emily Angelena "jean" Hinckley


       In 1999, Louine Berry Hunter wrote an 160-page (approximately) history of Lafayette Holbrook and Emily Angelena Hinckely.  It's too large to print here (nor have we asked for permission to do so).  

       Louine may be contacted at:

Louine Berry Hunter
1190 El Toro Road
Ojai, CA  93023

      The Table of Contents will give you an idea of what information is included in the history.  We're truly impressed at the wonderful job Louine did with this!



1.  Lafayette Holbrook, Early Life
2.  Emily Angelena Hinckley, Early Life
3.  Courtship Through Letters, 1875-1876
4.  Early Married Life, 1876-1881
5.  Frisco, 1881-1887
6.  White Rock Sheep Ranch
7.  Provo and Fillmore
8.  Logan , Utah , About 1888
9.  Provo , 1889-1911
10. Mayor of Provo
11. Family Life
12. Provo Homes
13. School Supporters
14. Church Service
15. Mining Ventures
16. Salt Lake Homes
17. Mother and Father, by Children and In-Laws
18. Grandparenting Years, by Grandchildren
19. Service to Church, Salt Lake City , Utah
20. More Business Ventures
21. Fifty Years Together, 1926
22. Sixty Years of Marriage, 1936
23. Fatherís Last Years
24. News Clippings, Letter
25. Emily Angelena, After Lafayís Death (Conclusion of Interview)
26. Motherís Final Years
27. Conclusion
28. Tributes
29. Tributes by L.H. Holbrook Family  

Appendix A: Funeral Service for Lafayette Holbrook
Appendix B: Funeral Service for Emily Angelena Hinckley Holbrook
Appendix C: Miscellaneous Letters


Photos above:  Lafayette about 1930; Jean about 1940; Family Portrait taken about 1906

Photos at top of page:   Lafayette about 1909; Jean about 1876

Thanks to Matt Powell for sharing these photos and information.


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