Beginning with Moses and Hannah . . .
First Generation

Moses Holbrook
   Hannah Lucretia Morton

Second Generation
(note color coding -- Joseph's line is blue, Chandler's is Green & Phebe's is red)

Joseph Holbrook
Nancy Lampson
Hannah Flint
Caroline Frances Angell
   Lucy Jones
   Amanda Buys
   Louise Hortt
Chandler Holbrook
   Eunice Dunning
   Ann Long
Phebe Holbrook
   Dwight Harding

Third Generation
(listed alphabetically & color coded)

Brigham Angell Holbrook
    Hannah Cook
Diana Eliza Holbrook
    Horace Drake
Alma Harding
Caroline Francis Holbrook
    John James Corbridge
Erasmus Holbrook 
(died as a child)
Charles Harding
Charlotte Holbrook
    Anson Vasco Call
Eunice Emma Holbrook
    Gabriel Huntsman
Elizabeth Jane Harding
David Holbrook (stillborn) Joseph Hyrum Holbrook George Harding
Enoch Angell Holbrook
    Mary Smedley
Lafayette Holbrook
    Emily Angelena Hinckley
Nancy Ann Harding
Ephraim Angell Holbrook (died as an infant) Mary Maria Holbrook
    Jesse Carter Little
Phebe Harding
Heber Angell Holbrook
    Martha Emma Sweeten
Orson Chandler Holbrook
James Angell Holbrook (died as an infant)
John Angell Holbrook (died as an infant)
Joseph Hyrum Angell Holbrook
Catherine Cooper
Joseph Jones Holbrook
    Alice Cook
 Joseph Lamoni Holbrook
    Catherine Watterson
Lucy Ann Holbrook 
(died as an infant)
Moses Angell Holbrook
    Jane Ann Knighton
Nancy Jane Holbrook
(died as a child)
Sarah Lucretia Holbrook
  Judson Tolman
William Jones Holbrook
    Polly Burningham

William Morris/ Moroni Holbrook (stillborn)

Other Biographies
(listed alphabetically & color coded)

Holbrook, Joseph Ellis "Buck" 
    grandson of Joseph Jones Holbrook & Alice Cook

Holbrook, Thomas - Our Immigrant Ancestor

Holbrook, Ward
    son of Brigham Angell and Hannah Holbrook

Jensen, Bertha Lucretia Yancey
    granddaughter of Sarah Lucretia Holbrook & Judson Tolman

Yancey, Adam & Alice Tolman
    daughter of Sarah Lucretia Holbrook & Judson Tolman

Morton, George - of Plymouth Colony
    ancestor of Hannah Lucretia Morton


Please send copies of any biographies or histories that you have to:
    Historical Committee Chairperson
    Elaine Childs
    1383 Lakewood Circle, 
    Salt Lake City, 84117 
    (801) 278-1137

We'd love to include those histories here.


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